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January Newsletter

DS January Newsletter & HMRC Updates

What's new with DS Business Support

  • Don't forget: If you are always hands on at work and struggle to keep on top of admin and paying suppliers, we are here to take that off your to do list. We have teamed up with a great software company which integrate with your Xero - meaning any bills which are due are paid on time - without us needing direct access to your bank account. If you would like more information on this service, please let me know - this can also be used for paying wages

  • Don't forget: it isn't only bookkeeping we do here - we are also available as Virtual Assistants to keep on top of your emails, invoicing, chasing clients' invoices owed to you - clearing out junk emails and making you aware of only the emails which you need to action

  • As you know - on our invoices to you there are options to pay via Stripe(card), PayPal, bank transfer and standing order if you are on a fixed fee. For those of you who's fees change each monthly depending on the volume of work, or who manually reimburse us for monthly software, there is now an option to pay via direct debit. Please let me know if you need a hand setting this up.

HMRC Updates

  • There have been some changes to VAT Penalties and Charges - you can find all information on the following link - VAT penalties and interest - GOV.UK (

  • If you run a payroll, you will need to start thinking about budgeting due to an increase in National Minimum Wage. Your payroll providers will need to be notified of any salary changes prior to your April payroll being ran to allow them enough time to amend the rates in the payroll software - Minimum wage rates for 2023 - GOV.UK (

Our Sister Company – The Offsite Office

Alongside DS Business Support – we have a siter company which we run with other local bookkeepers and accountants which offers:

  • Registered office address – we offer a registered office address for limited companies and directors who trade from home or freelance and wish to keep their home address private and off the public register on Companies House

More information can be found on our website Recommendations

We work with some great companies/individuals to ensure not only the background of DS Business Support is top notch, but also to be able to refer their services to our clients

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